George Zimmerman Is Selling Confederate Flag Prints for a Racist Gun Store Owner

George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman Is Selling Confederate Flag Prints for a Racist Gun Store Owner

Of course, he is.

Published August 18, 2015

If you thought that almost being shot was enough to deter George Zimmerman from his quest for relevancy, think again. This time, Zimmerman reemerges as a Confederate flag salesman in Florida, selling the controversial flag for a “Muslim-free” gun store.

The news comes only weeks after South Carolina officials took the flag down from the state's capitol grounds following the killings of nine Black residents in Charleston. The man found not guilty of murdering 17-year old Trayvon Martin appears alongside Alan Hallinan, owner of the gun store, in a new documentary sparking outrage online.

In the video circulating on YouTube, Zimmerman is seen telling Hallinan, “I didn’t want to see you give up the fight simply for financial reasons.” The fight he’s referring to is a hefty lawsuit filed by the Council of American Islamic Relations, which is outraged by the stores no-Muslims-allowed policy.

“[CAIR has] endless resources, they have tons of money," Zimmerman said. "I just wanted to do my part.” Being sold at $50 each, the two hope the proceeds will aid in helping with, “legal funds, living expenses and advancing their mission to change the country.”

Despite what many may think, Hallinan wants to assure you he is not a bigot or a racist but instead is “an American patriot standing up for what he believes in.”

The store's website also offers some historical context for the Confederate flag, stating that it “has been used by a small amount of people to incite racism, however, it has not become a symbol of racism. You cannot assume everyone who flies a Confederate Flag is racist in the same way that you cannot judge every Muslim to be a terrorist or every gun owner to be a serial killer.”

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(Photo: Gary W. Green-Pool/Getty Images)

Written by George Chapman Jr.


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