Man Jailed for Stealing Snickers Bar Dies In Police Custody

Jamycheal Mitchell

Man Jailed for Stealing Snickers Bar Dies In Police Custody

Jamycheal Mitchell was in jail for four months, found dead in a Virginia cell.

Published August 29, 2015

Tragedy strikes again as another Black man dies in police custody. 24-year-old Jamycheal Mitchell was found dead inside a Virginia jail cell after being held without bail for four months for allegedly stealing five bucks worth of snacks from a local 7-Eleven.

Mitchell, who suffered from mental problems, may have starved himself to death in his cell. He had been arrested in April for allegedly swiping a Zebra Cake, Mountain Dew and Snickers bar from the convenience mart, The Guardian reported. It's not clear why Mitchell was jailed for the misdemeanor and why he was held without bail. The young man was deemed unfit to stand trial and was supposed to have been transferred to a state-run mental health facility, but a bureaucratic snafu kept him behind bars.


Results of an autopsy were still pending Friday, but prison officials at the Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth, Virginia said Mitchell's death last week appeared to be from "natural causes" and there were no signs of injury on his body. His body was "extremely emaciated," his aunt Roxanne Adams said. "He was just deteriorating so fast," she added. "His body failed. It is extraordinary. The person I saw deceased was not even the same person."

Mitchell, who had bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, had refused to eat and take his medication while serving time behind bars for misdemeanor charges of petty larceny and trespassing, his family said.

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(Photo: Jamycheal Mitchell via Facebook)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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