Petition Surfaces for CNN to Fire Don Lemon After Comments About Spring Valley High Assault

Don Lemon

Petition Surfaces for CNN to Fire Don Lemon After Comments About Spring Valley High Assault

Journalist says he needs to know what happened before the altercation.

Published October 27, 2015

Don Lemon is in hot water again for his unpopular stance regarding the horrific assault of a teen girl at a South Carolina school.

Outrage has boiled over online after Lemon's comments on The Situation Room on Monday night. By Tuesday afternoon, a petition has surfaced to have Lemon fired by CNN for his comments. Posted on the petition demands: “We, the people, want a journalist and an anchor that will not be afraid to accept the facts that are occurring within the African-American community and who will encourage our people the same way that person will encourage others across the board.”

It all began when a video surfaced online of a young woman being choked and dragged out of her chair by a school resource officer at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, South Carolina.

When CNN’s Wolf Blitzer addressed the incident on his show, Lemon asserted what some would call a not-so-welcome opinion. He and CNN analyst Tom Fuentes expressed their hesitation in pointing fingers so quickly.

“The part that is most disturbing to me is seeing her thrown around. As far as the desk going over, I don’t know if the desk fell over because she didn’t want to get up or if he pushed it over. I don’t know. I think there’s context to everything," Lemon said. "I would like to see what happens before and I would like to see what happened afterwards… It does look horrible. It does look like there’s no excuse for what he’s doing to her, but again, we don’t know… This only shows a small slice in time of what happened. I’d like to know more before passing judgment."

It was in that moment that legal analyst Sunny Hostin attacked both guys on what she believed was an egregious statement, saying, “Are you guys kidding me?"

“No, we’re not kidding. We don’t know what happened,” said Lemon. “You weren’t sitting in the room, Sunny. You don’t know if she wasn’t standing up!”

“I don’t need to know more,” Hostin screamed, to which Lemon replied, “You do need to know more! As a prosecutor, you should want to know more."

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Written by George Chapman Jr.


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