Woman Faces 10 Years for Twerking On a Stranger

Woman Faces 10 Years for Twerking On a Stranger

Victim says he feels "100 percent violated."

Published November 11, 2015

Twerking can get you in trouble in more ways than one. Ayanna Marie Knight learned that the hard way. The 22-year-old  has been charged with third-degree sexual assault for groping and twerking on a man in a convenience store last month in Washington D.C. Knight, along with another unidentified woman, was caught on the store’s surveillance camera as they approached the man and proceeded to touch him inappropriately.

Knight was arrested Tuesday night and the other culprit remains at large.

The victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, spoke to NBC Washington about the unfortunate encounter.  “I was assaulted sexually," he said. "I felt 100 percent violated. I felt really humiliated also, because when someone is just grabbing your body parts without your permission, no matter who it is, that's just a violation completely."

The video shows the victim backing up away from the first woman only to be accosted from the back from another. After he failed to receive help from the cashier he proceeded to call the police. It was only then that the two women left him alone. DC police have disclosed that Knight has two prior arrests for prostitution, and are still in search of the other woman in the video.

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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