Update: Four Suspects in Custody for Rape of Women in Brooklyn Park

(Photo: NYC Parks)
Osborne Park

Update: Four Suspects in Custody for Rape of Women in Brooklyn Park

18-year-old's father was forced to flee at gunpoint.

Published January 11, 2016

UPDATE 1/11/2016:

Four teenagers suspected of raping an 18-year-old woman in a Brooklyn park last Thursday night are in police custody, as of Sunday. Two of the teens, ages 14 and 15, were turned in by their parents. The other suspects, 15 and 17, were brought in by authorities, the New York Times reports. There is still another suspect at large, according to NBC New York.

PREVIOUS 1/10/2016:

New York City police released the details of a horrible crime in which five men took turns raping a young woman in Brooklyn park Thursday night. The 18-year-old woman was with her father when the five men approached them. One pointed a gun at the father and forced him to flee.  

When the father left, the men took turns assaulting the woman, police said. The men fled when her father returned with two officers. The woman, whose name has been kept private, was treated at a local hospital and has since been released. 

The playground in which the assault occurred is nearly pitch-black at night, with no working lampposts, according to neighbors. “You don’t wanna go inside there at night. It’s too dark. There’s no lights,” said local resident Michael Henry. Another woman who lives nearby the park was furious that cops had not already been patrolling when the crime occurred. “Where are they,” she yelled.  “How can they wonder how stuff like this happens, and then when it gets dark they’re not here!”

Police have released a security video recorded in a nearby cornerstone that showed the five suspects prior to the attack, in the hope that the public can help identify the men so that they can be brought to justice. The video shows a group of Black men in jackets and sweatshirts inside the store. The five men were still at large Saturday when police released the video:

This crime comes on the heels of a year in which rapes were up 6.3% citywide, with 1,439 reported cases in 2015, according to NYPD statistics. 

(Photo: NYC Parks)


Written by Evelyn Diaz


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