Authorities Obtain Video of Rape at Brooklyn Park

Authorities Obtain Video of Rape at Brooklyn Park

Authorities are reviewing video of rape in Brooklyn park and lawyers say the footage will clear the five accused teens.

Published January 14, 2016

Lawyers defending the teens accused of raping a young woman in a Brooklyn park last week are saying footage of the incident will clear their clients of wrongdoing in the case, reports.

“You saying yeah?” a voice of a person off-camera reportedly says in the video. “It’s lit.”

At this point, the teens said consensus was given. The girl was reportedly smiling while the young men stood around her shining a light on her while her pants were down. She does not appear to speak during the 12-second clip.

The footage was brought by a brother of one teen charged in the incident. Police have issued a search warrant to review the contents on the phone.

“Have we not learned our lessons from the Central Park Five?” a lawyer of Denzel Murray, a 14-year-old in the case, asked Wednesday at a press conference, according to the Daily News. The Central Park Five case involved five men who were wrongly convicted of beating and raping a woman in New York City’s Central Park in 1989. They were issued a $40 million settlement from the city in 2014.

Additionally, the fifth suspect, Travis Beckford, 17, was arraigned Wednesday, according to His bond was set at $2,500. Onandi Brown, 17, was held on $25,000 bail; Ethan Phillip, 15, was held on $10,000 bail; Shaquell Cooper, 15, $50,000 bail; and Denzel Murray, 14, was held on $10,000 bail. 

The night of the incident, the victim and her father were drinking beer in the park. When news first broke, it was reported that the teens approached them and one threatened the father with a gun. He reportedly then ran to get help and returned with cops.

The teens have denied the rape allegations and say the sex was "consensual." They added that the young woman was having sex with her father when they approached, a source told the Daily News. The victim reportedly had reconnected with her father recently after being in foster care since she was two years old.

A local deli is under fire for not allowing the father to use its phone to dial 911 when he was seeking help, according the Daily News. The NYPD is also being criticized by local politicians for not releasing information on the incident in an urgent manner.

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(Photo: AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Written by Natelege Whaley


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