White-Owned Dance Studio Won't Let Black Girl Teach Twerking Class Because Why?

(Photo: Kelechi Okafor via Instagram)

White-Owned Dance Studio Won't Let Black Girl Teach Twerking Class Because Why?

This is the absolute worst.

Published January 16, 2016

It's no secret that mainstream culture has completely appropriated twerking, but Kelechi Okafor, a United Kingdom-based personal trainer and "twerk instructor," was reminded of this in the rudest way possible when she applied to teach a twerking class at a white-owned dance studio in her town of Manchester.

It all started when Okafor sent a Facebook message to Bodybarre to inquire about the possibility of teaching their twerk class. She attached a video of herself twerking along with the message. The response she received was surprising, to say the least:

We don't even know where to start with this. While Okafor's response to the offensive message was very polite, she later took to social media to share her true feelings.  “I touched a nerve with them and I don’t quite know how or why???”  She also shared a video of one of her classes, along with the caption, “This is what she called basic…” 

She later added, “This is what happens when black women try to be present in a genre that they created.” 

Rather than keep her mouth shut or apologize to Okafor — and Black women everywhere — for the offensive remarks, the owner of Bodybarre, a woman named Karen Chaundy, messaged Okafor asking if she was behind the negative comments on the company’s social media pages. “One of our Twerking videos on You Tube is being extremely abused since I turned down your offer and I wondered if you knew anything about it,” she wrote. Chaundy then contacted one of Okafor’s colleagues saying she “would bet a million” that Okafor was behind the social media abuse. She also asked how well the colleague knew Okafor and who her boss was.

Okafor once again but Chaundy on blast on social media, tweeting, “She wanted to mess with my livelihood because she 'had a feeling' ppl were dragging her because of me." Chaundy took to her Facebook page to defend herself, saying she was “being bullied for my style of TWERK to a point of racist comments.” 

We doubt anyone feels sorry for her.

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(Photo: Kelechi Okafor via Instagram)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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