[Video] Teacher Viciously Scolds First Grader for Counting Incorrectly

[Video] Teacher Viciously Scolds First Grader for Counting Incorrectly

Her brutal verbal attack caused the young girl to retract.

Published February 13, 2016

The Internet is up in arms after video has gone viral of a Success Academy first-grade class teacher viciously verbally disciplining one of her students for counting incorrectly.

According to the New York Times, the young girl was asked to explain in class how she solved a particular math problem, but while trying to explain the process, she had gotten confused. This somehow infuriated the teacher, identified as Charlotte Dial, who verbally scolded the student in front of her peers.

The student had begun counting, "One... two...," before looking up at Dial and pausing in confusion. Dial then grabbed the girl's paper and ripped it in half, before yelling, "Go to the calm-down chair and sit! There's nothing that infuriates me more than when you don't do what's on your paper!"

After excusing the girl out of the student circle and ordering another child to correctly demonstrate how the problem should be solved, Dial still continued to chastise the student, who was now fully removed. "You're confusing everybody," she said. 

The entire debacle was recorded by an assistant teacher who considered Dial's treatment of the children concerning. The teacher, who chose to remain anonymous to protect her from garnering future opportunities, shared the video with the New York Times after she resigned from Success this past November.

Dial, who has been at Success Academy charter school in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, for some time, was promoted just last year to being a model teacher, and, ironically, helps train other teachers.

Take a look at the video, below:

(Photo: hartcreations)

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Written by Moriba Cummings


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