Kiss the Haters Away

Kiss the Haters Away

Why you mad, tho?

Published February 21, 2016

MAC Cosmetics uploaded a picture of a Black woman’s full and natural lips taken on the runway during New York Fashion Week, which had racist trolls come out in droves.

The picture which showed the model’s lips painted with Mac’s Royal Romance lip color sparked comments such as the ones below that were screenshot by @AshleyAlese:

Once the image went viral, though, other commenters from all backgrounds posted positive messages to fight the racism:

Since the post has gone up, MAC Cosmetics has deleted the racist comments, but no statement has been given. The controversy sheds light on the double standards in beauty: Instead of celebrating this woman’s natural and beautiful lips, she’s being exposed to racism and harsh remarks, meanwhile Kylie Jenner injects her lips to create a look inspired by Black beauty and has been praised for it. We’re not saying that either woman deserves to be mistreated, but isn’t it time for all women’s beauty to be celebrated?

(Photo: Iconogenic)

Written by Jimy Shah


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