[VIDEO] Hey, Michelle! The Voice Behind President Obama's Viral Shoutout Belongs to a Braxton

[VIDEO] Hey, Michelle! The Voice Behind President Obama's Viral Shoutout Belongs to a Braxton

Mystery solved.

Published February 23, 2016

We don't know who's going to move into the White House after the Obamas leave, but one thing we know for sure: we won't have a president as cool as Barack Obama for a long time to come. Sorry, Hillary, Bernie and the rest. It's just true.

This sad reality became clear recently when a video of President Obama and the first lady during a Black History Month press conference went viral last week. In the clip, the Commander-in-Chief hilariously called out a woman in the audience for saying what's up to Michelle Obama

After a faceless voice in the crowd yelled out, “Heyyy, Michelle,” Obama wasted no time hollering back with a “Heyyy,” of his own, filling the room with laughter. Obama continued, saying, “We know it is Black History Month when you hear somebody say, ‘Heyyy, Michelle. Gurl, you look so good!”

Since the clip went viral, people have been wondering who in the crowd was brave enough to shout out the first lady and lucky enough to get a response from the president. Well, mystery solved. The anonymous voice belonged to none other than Traci Braxton, sister of Tamar Braxton and Toni Braxton

Traci was happy to take responsibility on all forms of social media and has since appeared on several talk shows to discuss her meme-sparking moment with the First Family:


ICYMI, watch the hilarious exchange below:

Barack and Michelle Obama have been celebrating Black History Month all over the country. Recently, Michelle invited a large group of female dancers from all over D.C. to come and dance with some of the leading choreographers in the country. Watch below to see the group discuss the importance of art in forming young lives all over America:

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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