[Watch] What Hillary Clinton Has to Say About Your Puff

[Watch] What Hillary Clinton Has to Say About Your Puff

Presidential candidate answers a question on natural hair.

Published February 24, 2016

Hillary Clinton has been weighing in on a number of Black issues lately in order to win favor with Black voters ahead of the South Carolina primary. At last night’s Democratic town hall in the Palmetto state, Hillary Clinton turned her attention to natural hair.

During the town hall, college student Kyla Gray shared the reactions she's gotten to her natural hair, which she decided to rock after Ferguson, saying, “I’ve noticed a difference in the way some people address and look at me.”

Gray used the anecdote as a way to ask Clinton about how she would improve race relations in the U.S. Clinton responded by saying that she wants to help get the country to a place where Gray could feel, “That you have the right to wear your hair anyway you to want to,” and then jokingly added, “As somebody who has had a lot of different hair styles, I say that from some personal experience."

Watch the exchange below, including how Beyoncé factors into the conversation:

While the quip got some laughs in the room, others see it as yet another example of Clinton being out of touch with the Black electorate. Even on her worst hair day, we doubt Clinton was ever kicked out of school — or a business meeting or a conference — for the quality and texture of her hair.

Gray's question (or, rather, statement) coincides with the movement behind #SupportThePuff, a hashtag that went viral after students at C.R. Walker Senior High School in the Bahamas were told that their natural ‘dos were “untidy and unkempt” and that they needed to change their hairstyle or, face the consequences.

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Written by Evelyn Diaz


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