Charges Dropped Against Five Guys Accused of Gang Raping Brooklyn Teen

Charges Dropped Against Five Guys Accused of Gang Raping Brooklyn Teen

Alleged victim's crazy story didn't add up, says district attorney.

Published February 25, 2016

Five teen boys from Brooklyn have been cleared of all charges after they were arrested last year for allegedly gang raping a teenage girl at gunpoint.

The case made headlines all over the country, not only for the gruesomeness of the alleged crime, but for the bombshell new information that came out in the weeks after. The five teens charged with the rape said the sex was consensual and added that before they encountered the now-18-year-old, whose name has not been revealed, she had been having sex with her own father.

"Working closely with the NYPD, my office has thoroughly investigated disturbing and very serious allegations of a gang rape at gunpoint last month inside the Osborn Playground,” reads a statement by Brooklyn district attorney Ken Thompson. “The complainant, as well as her father, provided multiple inconsistent accounts to NYPD detectives and to experienced Special Victims prosecutors about important material facts in this case.” 

It continued, "The complainant has recanted her allegations of forcible sexual assault and the existence of a gun, and she does not wish to pursue criminal charges against any of the defendants…She also refuses to cooperate with any prosecution against her father, who was engaging in sexual conduct with her. That night, this young woman's father and the five young men engaged in conduct that was reprehensible and wrong, but because of the lack of reliable evidence, criminal charges simply cannot be sustained.”

Originally, it was reported that the five teens had forced the young woman’s father to leave at gunpoint, and he ran off to look for help, flagging down two police officers and telling them he was afraid that his daughter would be murdered. When the officers arrived at the park they found the young woman alone in the playground with bruises, cuts and pieces of her clothing strewn nearby.

The five suspects had been recorded by a nearby security camera and a public camera at the park did show several distant figures, assumed to be the five teenagers.

Following the incident, the young woman had refused to go to the hospital, and even bit an assisting officer. She claimed to suffer from both bipolar disorder and PTSD, but was not prescribed any medication.

Police said that after the suspects’ arrest, two of the teenage men told investigators that they had thought the sex was consensual. On top of that, they claimed to have seen the young woman engaging in sex with her own father in the park before he drunkenly staggered away from the scene, leaving his daughter alone with the five teenagers.

The father has denied the incest claims made by the two young men. “They’re just trying to get out of the thing they did,” the woman’s father told the New York Post last month, “I want them to rot in jail.”

Sounds like it's going to be the other way around.

 (Photo: Kathy Willens/AP Photo)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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