[Watch] Appalling Video Shows Another School Cop Slapping Around a Student

[Watch] Appalling Video Shows Another School Cop Slapping Around a Student

The officer and his partner are under investigation, could face charges.

Published March 3, 2016

Law enforcement officials have launched a criminal investigation into a Baltimore school cop following a video that surfaced showing the officer slappin, and then kicking a teenage boy while a second officer stands by and watches.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon and School Police Chief Marshall Goodwin, as well as the two officers in the recording, have been placed on leave.

On Wednesday, the acting school police chief, Akil Hamm, said that the two officers responded to REACH Partnership School when two “intruders” were reported inside. Hamm said their presence was considered a threat to the school.

The youth’s attorney declined to identify the victim because he is a minor, but said that he went to the hospital for injuries to his ribs and face. In a statement, Baltimore Schools CEO Gregory Thorton said, “I am completely appalled and disappointed by what is depicted in the video.”

Many other school and law enforcement officials voiced their shock and appall at the video and Schools spokeswoman Edie House Foster ensured that the case is being investigated “vigorously.” The Baltimore Police Department’s Special Investigation Response Team will handle the criminal investigation, and will work with the State’s Attorney Office. Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said, “This is the right thing to do in a case like this.”

When speaking about the video, and subsequent investigation, City Councilman Brandon Scott said, “No one’s child should be treated like that.” He continued, “It just goes to break down all the good will and all the work work that police officers, and school police offers especially, do every day. That just adds to my level of disgust.”

This news of police brutality comes with other sad news, as another young, possibly unarmed Black man was killed by police in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Written by BET-Staff


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