[Watch] White Girl Repeatedly Hits the Dab During GOP Debate

(Photo: Fox News)

[Watch] White Girl Repeatedly Hits the Dab During GOP Debate

She proved there is no wrong time to hit the dab.

Published March 4, 2016

As the Republican candidates attacked each other on stage during last night's GOP debate, a woman in the crowd decided to take advantage of her seating and hit the dab for the entire world to see.

The video starts with Megyn Kelly talking Donald Trump’s assertion that former President Bush lied about WMDs being in Iraq:

When you hit the #dabonem in the #gopdebate 😂😂😂

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In the background, a young woman looks as though she might yawn…

...but instead she dabs on 'em. The woman recording the video thinks the fun is over saying, “She did it!" But no...

She hits one more before the video ends, and Megyn Kelly — and the GOP candidates — are none the wiser.

Twitter agrees: the unexpected dab was the only good thing about the GOP debate. 

Long before this woman hit the dab during the GOP debate, iHeartMemphis took to NYC to teach New Yorkers how to hit the dance move that has since taken over the world. 

(Photos: Fox News)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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