Hillary Clinton Wins Republican Debate With Funny Tweets, Gifs and Some Dancing

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Wins Republican Debate With Funny Tweets, Gifs and Some Dancing

The Democratic front-runner shared comical sentiments during Thursday's Republican debate that distracted viewers from the "shouting and chest-beating."

Published March 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton had a good time during Thursday’s night Republican debate.

The Democratic front-runner was candid with her reactions throughout the debate with funny tweets and GIFs, which were shared by thousands.

“How many more of these do we have to sit through? Asking for a friend,” she tweeted along with a GIF of her rubbing her temples during a Senate hearing.

While she wasn’t on stage with Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and John Kaisch, Clinton stole the show with her quick-witted responses to the topics at hand.

When it came to same-sex marriage, in which Clinton is a huge supporter, she showed off her dance moves by sharing a GIF of her grooving in front of a wall of rainbow pixels.

“Marriage equality is the law of the land. Deal with it,” she tweeted

But it wasn’t all fun and games. Clinton shot back when Rubio said she and Bernie Sanders were “politicizing” the Flint, Michigan, water crisis.

“It’s not ‘politicizing’ to say that what’s happening with the poisoned water in Flint is an emergency and a moral outrage,” she wrote, no GIF necessary.

The more Trump spoke the more Clinton went in on just how bad it would be for him to be POTUS.

“The more time that passes, the scarier this gets,” she tweeted with an arrow pointing down at a photo of Trump yelling.  

Furthermore, she compared a United States run by her versus one run by Trump by sharing a meme with two of their contrasting quotes about the real estate mogul’s desire to “build a great, great wall” and make Mexico pay for it versus her work to “tear down the barriers that hold you back.”

As the men continued their discussion with a touch of bravado, they debated over who would be the best candidate to face off with Clinton for the Presidency.

Shouting and chest-beating are not a strategy,” she wrote.

Cruz appeared to have a strategy to distract Americans from following Clinton’s tweets when an unidentified white object appeared on the corner of his mouth and grossed out the nation.

He was explaining how he understood why “angry” Americans are siding with Trump. But what likely peeved viewers most was that no one told him about that nasty thing on the side of his mouth! 

Clinton steered clear of that.

 (Photo: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images)

Written by Zayda Rivera


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