Two People Have Been Shot Over a Pair of Air Jordans


Two People Have Been Shot Over a Pair of Air Jordans

The violence over sneakers is getting ridiculous.

Published March 5, 2016

There's been a lot of drama over Jordans this past week, but nothing could be worse than what went down at a Minnesota Foot Locker on Saturday, where two people were shot in the parking lot over a pair of the high-end sneakers.

According to the local Fox 9, the shooting occurred near 10 a.m. when someone opened fire on a man leaving the store with the recently released “Vivid Pink” Air Jordan XIIs. He then returned shots, and in the process two others were hit, leaving one of them in critical condition. According to reports, it all started when one of the men spit on the other inside the sneak store.

Local news reporter Iris Perez live-tweeted the event.

This violent flare-up comes just days after a man posted a video burning his pairs of Jordan’s in a barbecue to express his belief that Jordan’s are harming Black communities in America.

Despite the violence, people are sure the continue to line up for their new Jordans. Watch as legendary sneakerheads discuss their first pair:


Written by Evelyn Diaz


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