[Watch] Woman Risks Taking a Bullet to Save Her Dog

(Photo: Daily Mail via Free Though Project)

[Watch] Woman Risks Taking a Bullet to Save Her Dog

Her husband's video recording proved her innocence.

Published March 8, 2016

Tiffanie Hupp, a 23-year-old West Virginia woman, has been acquitted of obstructing justice in a case that featured the young woman acting as a human shield between an armed cop, Seth Cook, and her dog, Buddy.

Hupp was arrested on May 9 of 2015 for acting as a human shield between Cook and her chained up dog. During the trial, which concluded on February 29, Cook said that he had been trained to shoot dogs, whether or not they are chained.

Hupp’s husband, Ryan Hupp, took a video of the incident as it occurred, though following the incident Cook confiscated Mr. Hupp’s phone.

Hupp was released on bail, and on February 29, the jury acquitted Hupp of all charges, citing her husband’s video footage as the primary evidence. Following the trial, Hupp told the blog Photography Is Not A Crime, “If it wasn’t for him recording, there’d be nothing.” She added, “He knew about police brutality before I did. But that’s why the camera is shaking, because of the adrenaline.”

This case shows the power of taking out your phone and recording incidents between civilians and police when they seem they could become violent. This time, it saved a woman from jail, next time, it may be able to save a life. 

Police departments around the country are looking to incorporate video technology as a way to curb future police brutality. Is that the answer?

(Photo: Daily Mail via Free Though Project)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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