Backboard Blackmail: More Ballers Have Been Caught Slippin' Than You Think

Backboard Blackmail: More Ballers Have Been Caught Slippin' Than You Think

According to a porn star legend, future NBA legends are being taken for a ride.

Published March 8, 2016

NBA stars are being railroaded more than subway commuters according to adult film star and fantasy sports expert Lisa Ann.

It is well known that some NBA players are notorious playboy's — Wilt Chamberlain after all is infamous for sleeping with over 10,000 women. According to Ann, many adult film stars and strippers are targeting married NBA players.

The goal is to seduce young players into extra marital affairs then blackmail said players if financial obligations are not met. To ensure compliance many of the adult entertainers take pictures of players ID and threatened to send them to their wives or significant others.

Miss Ann says that many adult film stars have their rents paid by NBA players in order to keep them quiet. Blackmail is just one form of danger posed to young NBA players according to Ann.

Many adult film stars and strippers have actually stolen from players, with some women actually stealing sneakers for their significant others.

Because of this Ann feels that it is her social duty to warn young NBA players about this type of blackmail. Ann encourages young players to use common-sense methods of protection such as securing condoms after use and using hotel rooms for sexual exploits as opposed to their own homes.

Ann believes that the simple measures if taken can avoid a whole host of trouble for a young athlete. They could also just not cheat on their wives, which would literally avoid all of this.

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Written by Reggie Wade


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