[Watch] Kentucky Woman Shoots Her Attacker in His Throat and Butt

Video still. (Photo: Louisville Metro Police)

[Watch] Kentucky Woman Shoots Her Attacker in His Throat and Butt

Kentucky woman shoots her attacker in his throat.

Published March 8, 2016

A Kentucky criminal chose the wrong woman to victimize.

John Ganobick’s attempt to attack an unidentified woman after stalking and following her into a mall elevator ended badly … for him. Before he could do any major harm to her, she shot him in the throat and buttock, according to ABC 7.

In court this week, surveillance footage showed the moment on January 26 when Ganobick began following the woman in the Fourth Street Live food court at the Louisville mall and into the elevator.

“The victim asked the suspect what floor he needed, and the victim described the suspect as being out of it, possibly high or drunk, but when he said the sixth floor, the victim stated she became nervous,” states the police report, which was read out loud in court.

Upon exiting the elevator the woman ran to her car out of fear she would be raped by Ganobick, who gave chase. He caught up to her, pushed her into the car and slammed her head on an object inside while holding her at knife point. During their violent struggle the woman was able to reach for her Beretta gun inside her purse and open fire. 

Although the gun didn’t go off initially, the woman continued fighting the suspect while pulling the trigger repeatedly until it finally went off, shooting him in the throat. Even after the first shot momentarily stunned him, he appeared to be going after the woman again, who fired another shot, this time hitting him in the butt. 

“The victim described being afraid that the suspect was turning to come back at her and she kept pulling and struck the suspect in the buttocks,” states the police report.

Ganobick was left wounded and bloody until a witness that saw him coming down the parking garage’s stairs called 911.

He’s currently being held on $20,000 cash bond, facing charges of attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping, and appeared in court wearing a breathing tube due to being shot in the throat. That’ll teach him. 

(Photo: Louisville Metro Police)

Written by Zayda Rivera


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