Got Raw Milk?

Raw Milk

Got Raw Milk?

If drinking unpasteurized milk is wrong, some West Virginia lawmakers don't want to be right.

Published March 10, 2016

If chugging raw milk is wrong, some West Virginia lawmakers don't want to be right.

West Virginia recently passed the historic bill allowing raw milk to be made readily available to the public after years of prohibition.

To celebrate, a local lawmaker passed around cups of unpasteurized milk to his coworkers like it was beer at a frat party.

This story feels like it's primed for a happy ending — lawmakers doing what's right and rising up against big brother in the face of oppression — and once justice has prevailed, sipping on the nectar of victory… except for the fact that a bunch of people got sick.

One of the brave souls taken out by murky milk was delegate Pat McGeehan. McGeehan believes the incident was merely poor timing.

The delegate and others claim that a stomach bug has been going around the office, which he believes to be the true culprit for his ailment. In his own words McGeehan “only took a sip” of the unpasteurized treat and believes it wasn't enough to cause any illness.

The jury is still out on what exactly caused the illness in the Charleston West Virginia State Building. Health officials have opened up an investigation. One thing is clear, the citizens of West Virginia will fight oppression to the bitter end, because they know nothing is more natural than unpasteurized cow's milk… maybe breast milk, yeah... that's probably a little more natural.

(Photo: WSAZ)

Written by Reggie Wade


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