Woman Shares Photo of Co-Workers Reenacting a Lynching

Woman Shares Photo of Co-Workers Reenacting a Lynching

Surprisingly, this incident of blackface didn’t happen at a sorority party.

Published March 10, 2016

Just because it’s not Halloween doesn’t mean we won’t be subjected to white people who think blackface is OK.

In St. Petersburg, Russia, employees from a government research and development office gathered on Tuesday for an International Women’s Day party. Sounds like a celebration of equality for all would ensue, right? Wrong. The employee’s American-history themed event included one man in blackface being lynched.

“Today at the office we hanged a Black man,” 23-year-old Anastasia Storozhilova captioned a photo of a group of smiling people posing around the man in blackface being hung.

She tweeted the snapshot, but quickly deleted it after the backlash she received. Storozhilova then proceeded to delete her Twitter and Facebook accounts altogether.

“I can explain what’s happening in the photo: it was a scene from history. The Wild West: cowboys, Indians, Blacks. It's history, you see,” Storozhilova told TJournal. “It’s the past — it’s not today. They show this sort of thing in movies — this and a lot worse.”

"It’s not as bad as it could be" is a universally horrible excuse for blackface and trivializing lynching.

(Photo: xwondroxid via Twitter)

Written by Zayda Rivera


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