[Watch] This Is What White Rage at a Trump Rally Looks Like

[Watch] This Is What White Rage at a Trump Rally Looks Like

Brave reporter shares video from the front lines.

Published March 11, 2016

As support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump grows, so too does the violence at his rallies. Today in St. Louis, journalist Trymaine Lee captured videos of a Trump supporter instigating a fight with protesters who were holding anti-Trump signs and chanting “KKK, go away!” Lee went on to record many other violent flare-ups and subsequent arrests.

Rather than condemn the violence, Trump called it “very, very appropriate.”

Lee's videos show the interaction that nearly lead to physical blows:

Elsewhere, physical violence did erupt, and arrests were made. Trump supporters cheered while the protester was swarmed by police.

Lee also recorded one bloodied man being led to an ambulance by police with his hands bound behind his back.

Violence has become a constant at Trump events, and today The Donald himself commented on that fact. He called the attacks “very, very appropriate,” because “these [protesters] are people that punch, these are people that are violent people.” 

In response, Sopan Deb, who has been following Trump on the campaign trail for CBS News, tweeted, “I am at almost every Trump rally. I have yet to see a single protester swinging as Trump just said.”

“When they see protesters, when they see what’s going in on the country, they have anger,” Trump said. “They don’t like seeing bad trade deals, higher taxes, loss of their jobs.” Apparently, Trump sees this “anger” as a worthy excuse for his supporters, but not for those angered by the racist rhetoric of his campaign. 

(Photos from left: Trymaine Lee via Twitter, Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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