Obese Woman Stands for First Time in 2-Years After Massive Fatty Lump Is Removed From Her Leg


Obese Woman Stands for First Time in 2-Years After Massive Fatty Lump Is Removed From Her Leg

Milla Clark was also able to leave her home for the first time after doctors surgically removed the 43-pound growth.

Published March 11, 2016

A Tennessee woman has finally been released from the prison that was her 751-pound frame.

Milla Clark lost more than 100 pounds on her own before professionals stepped in to remove a massive 43-pound lymphedema — the incurable swelling of arms and legs resulting from a blockage in the lymphatic system — on her left leg.

“Every single day of my life is miserable,” the 47-year-old mother of five said on TLC’s reality series My 600lb Life.

Clark revealed the isolation she’s lived in for the past couple of years by never leaving home.

“I have been trapped in these four walls for more than two years,” she said. “During that time, I have not stood one time. All I can do is eat and sleep.”

Clark relied on her teenagers, Jacob, 16, Hannah, 15, and Caleb, 15, to complete the “humiliating” task of bathing her each morning before they left for school.  

Her husband, Elroy, who married Clark when she was 400 pounds, said her weight has never been a problem for him.

In order to save her life, Clark, who struggled with weight problems her entire life, moved with her children and husband to Houston to consult with weight loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

With his help and some family counseling to discourage the children from enabling their mother’s bad eating habits, Clark was able to drop over 100 pounds before getting the green light to proceed with the next step in her weight loss journey.

At 644 pounds, Dr. Nowzaradan agreed to perform the surgery needed to remove the massive 43-pound lymphedema on her left leg. After its successful removal, there was still the gastric bypass surgery to perform.

“I need my family to help me fight for this if I am going to have a chance,” Clark said. “This is a matter of life and death for me right now.”

When Clark returned to Dr. Nowzaradan weighing 597 pounds after losing 153 pounds and standing for the first time in two years, he performed the weight loss surgery aimed at giving her even more mobility and self-confidence. 

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(Photo: TLC)

Written by Zayda Rivera


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