[Watch] President Obama Masterfully Shades Donald Trump at Fundraiser

[Watch] President Obama Masterfully Shades Donald Trump at Fundraiser

POTUS went all the way in.

Published March 12, 2016

Donald Trump’s ascendance to the top of the Republican party in the presidential primaries has terrified many, delighted some, and shocked mostly everyone. As politicians and political pundits alike wrestle to understand the business mogul and reality star’s meteoric rise, President Obama finally weighs in on the man he says was once “sure that I was born in Kenya.”

POTUS spoke on Friday afternoon at a DNC event at the Austin Music Hall, in Austin, Texas and offered up his opinion on Trump, as well as the larger picture regarding the Republican primary elections.

At first, Obama was all jokes. “We’ve got a debate inside the other party that is fantasy and schoolyard taunts and selling stuff like it’s the Home Shopping Network,” the President said, referencing the recent Trump appearance in which he was seemingly bragging about some of his business ventures. “Has anybody tried that wine? How good can that wine be?"

Obama then continued to criticize the Republican Party as whole, which he claimed let Trump’s rise happen. “How can you be shocked? This is the guy, remember, who was sure that I was born in Kenya…And all the same Republican establishment, they weren’t saying nothing.” Obama continued, “I don’t take pleasure in seeing what’s going on on the other side. We need a healthy two-party system. We've got to have serious debate.”

As the two parties jockey for the White House, Obama seems to be focused on enjoying his last year there. Late last month, the President and First Lady Michelle Obama were joined by Usher in the West Wing, and let's just say it was lit:

(Photos from left: Ashley Landis-Pool/Getty Images, Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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