[Video] Get Off My Lawn and Get a Room!

(Photo: Camoit Mightyram via Youtube)

[Video] Get Off My Lawn and Get a Room!

Worst neighbors ever.

Published March 14, 2016

A California YouTuber named Camoit Mightyram had a serious issue with couples who would routinely park outside of his home. The issue: they were having sex.

Mightyram has the misfortune of living across from a park which is notorious for nocturnal sexual activities. The Sacramento California resident was so fed up he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Mightyram set up closed-circuit TV cameras all around his property and filmed the couples having sex — he didn't stop there, Mightyram went a step further. He put the footage up on YouTube.

Countless couples can be seen using the park as a makeshift bedroom, performing various sexual acts. One video even shows a fed up Mightyram confronting a couple in a parked car.

Sexual acts have not been the only problem, one video shows a woman urinating behind a tree. According to Mr. Mightyram alcohol plays a big role in this illicit tryst. Some of the couples he has encountered have been under the influence. This only adds to the problem due to the fact that some have sped off while intoxicated.

(Photo: Camoit Mightyram via Youtube)

Written by Reggie Wade


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