Teen Tyson Bites Off 'Large Portion' of Classmate's Ear

(Photo: Raleigh Police Department)

Teen Tyson Bites Off 'Large Portion' of Classmate's Ear

Lunchroom brawl takes a very bad turn.

Published March 15, 2016

This gives a whole new meaning to mystery meat.

Amber Romero, a high school student in Raleigh, North Carolina, has been arrested after pulling a Mike Tyson and biting off a large portion of her classmate's earlobe during a fight that took place on a school bus. Romero has been charged with inflicting serious bodily injury.

The victim, Emiyah Lan Brown, was attacked after a fight started when another student threw a lunch bag at Romero. Apparently, Brown was caught in the crossfire.

Romero's mother spoke to WDTV-TV saying, "I really truly feel sorry for the family. Me and my daughter sincerely apologize and we both hate it that this happened to her." Her mother says that the violence stems from Romero being bullied at school. 

This is not her first charge, however. Romero's rap sheet includes charges for assault and battery, fighting, and failure to appear in court. Romero's request to have her $15,000 bail lowered was denied by the judge due to her other outstanding assault charge.

Meanwhile, Brown underwent surgery on the same day to repair her damaged ear. 

(Photo: Raleigh Police Department)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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