Indiana Bill Bans Abortions, Says Doctors Will Be Sued for Wrongful Death

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Indiana Bill Bans Abortions, Says Doctors Will Be Sued for Wrongful Death

Petitions were delivered to Governor Mike Pence asking him to veto the “outrageous” bill.

Published March 16, 2016

Pro-abortion groups are in an uproar over an Indiana bill that’s gained enough steam to reach Governor Mike Pence.

If the pro-life governor passes the HB 1337 into law it would mean that all abortions performed solely because of the fetus’s sex, race or disability would be banned in the state, reports Indiana Public Media

Additionally, women will be required to choose whether the aborted remains are cremated or buried.

“Instead, a legislative body compromised mainly of people who will never be pregnant has chosen to pass legislation interfering with a private medical decision,” Harmony Glenn from the Indy Feminists group behind the petition said.

Pro-abortion groups aren’t the only ones who see problems with this bill. In fact, it’s so extreme even Republicans don’t like it, reports Think Progress.

“The bill does nothing to save innocent lives. There’s no education, there’s no funding. It’s just penalties,” Rep. Sharon Negele, a Republican who has sponsored anti-abortion legislation in the past, said at a recent hearing about the bill, reports the Associated Press.

Republican lawmaker Rep. Sean Eberhart voted against the bill after a discussion with his wife, who is “as pro-life as they come.”

“Today is a perfect example of a bunch of middle-aged guys sitting in this room making decisions about what we think is best for women,” Eberhart said. “We need to quit pretending we know what’s best for women and their health care needs.”

Still, Gov. Pence, who acknowledged receipt of the petition, said the “sanctity of life” will help him make a final decision.

“We’ll give that very careful and thoughtful consideration in the days ahead and we’ll come to a conclusion,” Pence said, according to Indiana Public Media. “But I do bring my belief in the sanctity of life to that and that will inform the way that I evaluate that, ultimately.” 

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Written by Zayda Rivera


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