Super Tuesday 3: Revenge of the Kasich

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Super Tuesday 3: Revenge of the Kasich

The third installment of the Super Tuesday franchise.

Published March 16, 2016

As in any sequel, the third installment of Super Tuesday franchise was filled with the usual plot twist and warmed-over cliché narrative.

The super Tuesday franchise started March 1. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the main protagonists. The Donald winning 7 out of 11 contests and Hillary Clinton winning 8 out of 12.

Like the rocky sequels before them Super Tuesday 3: Revenge of the Kasich picks up right where Super Tuesday 2 left off.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton reprise their roles as frontrunners of their respective parties. Trump and Clinton play opposite Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Bernie Sanders. North Carolina is the first location we see in Super Tuesday 3. As seen in the trailer — Hillary jumps out to an early lead. The contest would never really get going for Sanders and by the end of it, the Vermont Senator would lose the state by nearly 15 points.

Following suit Donald Trump hands a similar defeat to Ted Cruz and the rest of the Republican pack, but before we can enjoy a glass of sweet North Carolina Cheer wine, we're whisked away to Florida. 

The Sunshine State is beautiful this time of year. The weather is fair and so are the delegates, if you're lucky. Hillary Clinton cruises to a 32 point victory over Bernie Sanders. In the Republican plot Donald Trump delivered a crushing blow to Marco Rubio winning the Florida Senator’s home state by nearly 20 points. For fans of Marco Rubio's character this was a real tearjerker.

Most viewers did not believe they would get a death so early in the storyline, but the Rubio campaign was no more. What seems like a play out of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones playbook, Marco’s campaign’s death was a very brave choice by the powers-that-be considering Rubio was once a fan favorite. With barely enough time to mourn the Rubio candidacy, we come to the Midway point in Ohio.

For viewers who thought Super Tuesday 3 was just delivering more of the same this is where the plot thickens. John Kasich, governor of Ohio, pulls off an impressive victory in his home state, beating Donald Trump by 11 points. Early exit polls had Donald Trump ahead in Ohio, but Kasich closed the gap and was able to take the Buckeye state.

A favorite scene for many viewers was Kasich celebrating with his wife and twin daughters as a massive pile of confetti came down on the cheering crowd. Confetti was an interesting choice by the director considering this was Kasich first primary win, but hey, this may be the only time that Kasich gets to celebrate before it's all said and done.

So take a bow, John! Ohio was full of surprises not just for the Republicans, but also Democrats. Hillary Clinton actually pulled out the victory in the Buckeye state winning by a convincing 14 points. This was unexpected due to the fact that Sanders won Michigan in the previous installment of Super Tuesday.

Things would get exciting in Illinois as Hillary Clinton continued her winning ways and squeaked out a 2-point victory over the senator from Vermont, who, much to the dismay of his supporters, did not get much screen time. The GOP would follow suit and Donald Trump would stave off Ted Cruz on route to a 9-point victory.

The final moments of Super Tuesday 3 are spent in the “Show Me” state of Missouri. Missouri is usually described as a middle-of-the-road state because it's in the middle of the country, it could go either way, and the state lived up to its reputation.

Super Tuesday 3 decided to go in an interesting direction when it came to Missouri. They ended on a cliffhanger. Virtual ties on both sides. Trump and Cruz locked at 41 percent a piece along with Hillary and Bernie deadlocked at 49 percent by night's end.

Super Tuesday 3: Revenge of the Kasich was a solid performance given by a veteran and able cast. In the end Super Tuesday 3 delivered stunning upsets, come from behind victories, and what all sequels have in common, more of the same story — Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton winning a majority of delegates.

The question begs to be asked? How many more Super Tuesdays can the country take? This is getting as bad as the Scary Movie franchise.

(Photos from left: Brian Blanco/Getty Images, Scott Olson/Getty Images, Alex Wong/Getty Images, Angelo Merendino/Getty Images)

Written by Reggie Wade


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