Horrible: Toddler Suffers Brain Damage During Routine Dental Procedure

(Photo: Courissa Clark via Facebook)

Horrible: Toddler Suffers Brain Damage During Routine Dental Procedure

The 4-year-old was sedated for several hours and suffered multiple seizures.

Published March 16, 2016

Imagine taking a child for a routine dental procedure and dealing with an outcome of massive brain damage.

That’s the reality for one Texas family after their 4-year-old daughter, Nevaeh Hall, visited Dr. Bethaniel Jefferson at Diamond Dental in Houston, reports USA Today.

While the child’s mother, Courissa Clark, was expecting her daughter to have some teeth capped or removed due to decay, the result of the visit was quite different.

“In essence what happened is this child was chemically and physically suffocated,” said the family’s attorney, Jim Moriarty. “This child suffered massive brain damage during that time period and that didn’t have to happen.”

In addition to being “sedated in the office for over seven hours,” according to the child’s records, and “given five sedatives for a routine dental procedure that should have been done and over by mid morning,” she was also put in a restraint device called a papoose, which confines the child’s arms and legs.

Sounds more like torture, right?

“I can tell you that this chart shows you that this child was essentially tortured,” Moriarty said, describing the oxygen, blood pressure, and pulse measurements of the child during the visit. 

(Photos from top: Facebook, KHOU-TV, Houston Local News)

Written by Zayda Rivera


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