[Watch] White Boy Prank in Compton Nearly Ends in Gunfire

Video still. (Photo: TwinzTV via YouTube)

[Watch] White Boy Prank in Compton Nearly Ends in Gunfire

Not everybody found this joke funny.

Published March 18, 2016

A group of Borat-inspired pranksters decided to do something that most people try to avoid — looking for fights on the streets of LA — and it nearly ended with one of them getting shot. 

The group from TwinzTV wore man-kinis under their street clothes for the prank titled, "How to win a street fight in Compton." They then went looking for people in the cities of Compton and Carson to antagonize with their ill-advised gag:

The group would set up their hidden cameras, and approach people, acting hostile towards them. When their victim would engage, they would take off their pants and shorts, exposing the man-kini. 

The "fun" took a turn when one man appeared to pull a gun on two of the tricksters, significantly adding to the drama. 

The group may have gotten some good footage, but after the close call with gunplay, they may want to think about sticking to a different kind of prank in the future. 

(Photo: TwinzTV via YouTube)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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