Florida Teens Charged for Murder of First-Grader Caught in Crossfire

Florida Teens Charged for Murder of First-Grader Caught in Crossfire

King Carter, 6, was on his way to buy candy.

Published March 18, 2016

A 6-year-old boy innocently asked his father for money to buy candy and never returned home. Now, his killers have been charged with murder.

Leonard Adams, 18, Irwen Pressley, 17, and Tamar Teems, 16, were all charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder on Wednesday, reports the Miami Herald.

On February 20, 6-year-old King Carter was caught in the crossfire of a gunfight outside the Blue Lake Village apartments in the 1400 block of Northwest 103rd Street in Miami after getting $3 from his father to buy candy.

The battle between the teens and their intended target, a rival called “JuJu,” was due to a feud that escalated on Facebook, police say.

When they pulled up in a black Lexus and began firing shots someone fired back, nicking Adams in the neck and causing minor injuries. Although it’s unclear whose bullet killed King, the first-grader was the only casualty.  

Police were able to trace Pressley to the scene because he was wearing a GPS ankle monitor as a result of being on supervised release for a robbery charge. He later admitted to authorities that a 9mm handgun found at his home was used to shoot at “JuJu.”

Meanwhile, detectives caught up with Adams, who was admitted to Jackson North Hospital after being injured in the shootout. He also admitted to his role in the shooting, police said.

Adams and Pressley were charged as adults and while Teems, who was initially charged as a minor, remains in juvenile detention, he will be transferred to an adult jail soon.


Written by Zayda Rivera


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