Klepto the Cat: A Feline’s Fascination With Men's Underwear

(Photo: Sarah Nathan via Facebook)

Klepto the Cat: A Feline’s Fascination With Men's Underwear

Brigit the cat has a secret that would land a person on a sex offender list.

Published March 21, 2016

A Tonkinese cat in New Zealand has been caught red handed after a slew of B & E’s.

The clever cat freely wanders the Hamilton neighborhood of New Zealand and steals underwear and socks from male neighbors.

Her owner, Sarah, is not surprised; as this is not the first time this has happened. In Sarah’s old neighborhood, Brigit would roam around and return with a “bit of everything.”

However, Brigit has apparently now developed a more specific interest in men’s undergarments. Sarah has been proactive in informing the neighbors by placing notes in each neighbor’s mailbox asking people to check if they are missing underwear.

So far, no one has claimed any of the items that Brigit has so stealthily taken and they remain in Sarah’s possession.

Perhaps the neighborhood men have such an abundance of boxer briefs that Brigit has actually done them a favor. That, or soon there will be a rise in men going commando in New Zealand. 

With all of this excitement, it’s probably a good idea for Sarah and Brigit to take a vacation. Luckily, Sarah’s family will soon be venturing out to the countryside. Hopefully a change of scenery will result in a change in Brigit’s behavior. Or at least deter her from taking such intimate items.

Written by Rachel Herron


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