Upset Mother Sends an Invoice to Ungrateful Son for Everything He’s Taken for Granted

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Upset Mother Sends an Invoice to Ungrateful Son for Everything He’s Taken for Granted

Next time you mouth off to mom, you could get a bill.

Published March 21, 2016

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We all remember that moment. You sound off to your mother with just enough of a tone of disrespect that she gives you the “I dare you to say something else” death stare.

Well, this mom hit her 23-year-old son, who lives at home, with a bill instead.

After a disagreement escalated into a full-on argument, the mother drafted an invoice that charged the son for $39K worth of expenses. This tactic proved successful when the son apologized for his actions, but not without first posting the invoice to Reddit

The expenses ranged from health care to “being an a**hole and not appreciative of your mother's support financially or otherwise.” After many users online got word of this, it's no surprise that the post went viral. Most people were able to see the comedy in the situation, yet there were some trolls who decided to criticize the mom’s action and even her ability to make a proper invoice.

The mother told NBC that she never intended for the invoice to be taken seriously and just wanted “to prove a point and to make him wake up.”

It should come as no surprise if this becomes a new way to encourage more respect and gratitude for parents. In fact, the son was so moved by her actions that he’s working to repay her one day.

He even went on to say, “My mom will get old one day and I'll take care of her and spend years and years repaying her, even changing her diapers.” 

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Written by Rachel Herron


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