[Watch] This Is What Human Flesh Tastes Like

(Photo: Brit Lab, BBC via Youtube)

[Watch] This Is What Human Flesh Tastes Like

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Published March 22, 2016

British science journalist Gregg Foot embarked on a journey to figure out what human flesh tastes like.

In a video available on YouTube, Foot would get a biopsy which resulted in the collection of his own muscle fibers. Though his surname is “Foot” the specimen was taken from the journalist's thigh — after that came the interesting part. Foot had his muscle fibers cooked and analyzed in a lab.

The results showed that human muscle fiber shares some similarity to fibers found in chicken breast, beef, and lamb.

Eating human flesh is prohibited in the United Kingdom, so eating his own flesh was off the table for Foot. However the science journalist did get a consolation prize.

Foot was able to take a sniff of his cooked flesh. This may seem like an insignificant thing, but according to the lab technician who cooked the flesh — aroma counts for up to 80 percent of how food tastes.

So basically if you know what a certain food smells like, you usually know what it tastes like.

According to Foot his flesh smelled like a mix of beef and lamb.

As if the experiment could not get any weirder, Foot took it a step further when he decided to grind up cuts of meat which match the analysis of his leg to make a hamburger and eat it.

Foot was impressed by the taste and was satisfied that this would be the closest he would get to tasting human flesh.

(Photo: Brit Lab, BBC via Youtube)

Written by Reggie Wade


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