Florida Man Steals $60,000 BMW He Tried to Buy With Food Stamps

(Photo: Martin County Sheriff's Office)

Florida Man Steals $60,000 BMW He Tried to Buy With Food Stamps

Grand Theft Auto: EBT City.

Published March 22, 2016

The age-old question has been answered. Who's got the keys to my Beamer?

Looks like 36-year-old Florida resident Nicholas Jackson does... Beenie Man would be proud.

Jackson was turned down from buying a BMW at Pompano Beach car dealership. Was bad credit the reason? Sort of.

After Jackson's credit card was declined he then tried to pay for the luxury vehicle using an EBT food stamp card. When that didn't work Jackson left the dealership, only to return the next night — stealing the very car he tried to buy.

Mr. Jackson would not get far. After the vehicle was reported as stolen, local police caught up with the man not far from the dealership. As his declined credit card earlier proved — Jackson was short on cash and could not afford to gas up the luxury vehicle to keep the chase going.

Jackson was promptly arrested and now stands charged with grand theft auto. He also stole 60 sets of keys from the dealership. 

(Photos from top to bottom: Martin County Sheriff's Office)

Written by Reggie Wade


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