[Video] Man Climbs to the Top of 80-Ft. Tall Tree

[Video] Man Climbs to the Top of 80-Ft. Tall Tree

King Kong who?

Published March 23, 2016

Drivers in Downtown Seattle were shocked on Tuesday to find a major disruption in morning traffic. The reason for the delay? A man in a tree.

After climbing to the top of an 80-foot tall Sequoia tree, an unidentified Seattle resident became the talk of town. The police were called to the scene in order to persuade the man to come down; however, he didn’t want to speak with them and threw an apple at medics.

The unknown man stayed in the tree for nearly 12 hours, causing many residents of the city to take notice.

It didn’t take long before news crews and cameras surrounded the tree. One local station provided a live broadcast of the man for the duration. Soon after, the topic began to trend on social-media platforms, even resulting in the hashtag: #manintree.                              

Around 6 p.m., negotiators in the police department used fire truck ladders to climb up and attempt to convince the man to come down. It was reported that the man appeared “to be suffering from a crisis and [had] been yelling intermittently.”

Once the situation is contained, officials say they will review the health of the tree that has been there since 1970s. Hopefully they also review the health of the confounded climber. 

(Photo: Brian Cahn via ZUMA Wire)

Written by Rachel Herron


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