[Watch] This Bully Attack Left a Teenager Brain Damaged

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[Watch] This Bully Attack Left a Teenager Brain Damaged

Alyssa Reyes's head was "slammed into the concrete multiple times."

Published March 23, 2016

Bullying has become a growing problem in schools across the country, but few instances have been as devastating as what happened to Alyssa Reyes at Wood Intermediate School in Iowa.

According to her mother, the 16-year-old Iowa native has been left permanently brain damaged following a brutal attack at the hands of school bullies. Mary Reyes, Alyssa's mother, has said that her psychiatrist warned that Alyssa will never be able to live alone thanks to the attack. The school, for some reason, has been reluctant to take up the issue, or even look at videos that show the "non-stop bullying" that led up to the near-fatal attack:

After the initial round of bullying, Alyssa was allowed to leave class five minutes early so she didn't have to face her perpetrators after school. But, one month later, she was assaulted again. "Her head was slammed into the concrete ground multiple times," the mother said. "It was slammed into the lockers multiple times, and she was dragged down the hall, her face still being beaten. It was very brutal."

A 14-year old girl involved in the attack was charged with juvenile assault, and Alyssa was sent to live in a different state for her own protection. Mary thinks more needs to be done. "We need to keep pushing this," she said. "The adults need to take charge. My daughter is damaged for the rest of her life. It should have never gotten to this point."

Despite her pleas, bullying is still going on at Wood Intermediate School. Just last week a video surfaced of another student being viciously beaten by fellow students:

The victim's father, Michael Miles, accused the school of not dealing with the bullying problem. "I had to find out on Facebook that my kid had been beaten up at school," he said. "They're acting like it's no big deal. It is a big deal. There is a bullying problem at that school. The kids that are being bullied are beaten up, they're not really being protected."

The school district claims superintendent Art Tate is aware of the incident but felt it was not appropriate to watch the video or comment as he is part of the disciplinary process. They also declined to say if the bullies in the most recent video were to be punished for the attack.

For Mary, who says the new video was like "deja vu," this is further proof that nothing has been done to curb bullying at Wood Intermediate since her daughter's attack. 

(Photo: WQAD 8)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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