Living While Black: Cops Nearly Run Over Mailman and Then Arrest Him

(Photo: JVS Patch via Youtube)

Living While Black: Cops Nearly Run Over Mailman and Then Arrest Him

The undercover officers justify their actions by saying he was "mouthing off."

Published March 23, 2016

Glenn Grays, a 27-year-old Brooklyn mail carrier was just doing his job on March 17 when he was nearly hit by an unmarked police car driven by plainclothes officers. When Grays unknowingly mouthed off at the police for almost hitting him, they jumped out of their car, demanded I.D., and cuffed him. The arrest was caught on camera, and some are demanding the officers involved be investigated for the altercation that could have easily become become another incident of terrifying police brutality. 

According to the Bed-Stuy Patch, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams said in a Tuesday press conference that Grays did not realize that they were cops and mouthed off for almost hitting him "as any New Yorker would do." But that didn't stop the cops from aggressively demanding Gray's identification. "My I.D.'s right there on the side of the truck," Gray said. Gray explained that he had mail left to deliver, and that's when they began to cuff him.

Luckily, someone was recording the incident. Watch the forceful arrest here:

People in the background of the video can be heard saying in protest, "Lawsuit, lawsuit man," when the cops begin roughly manhandling Grays. Despite Grays asserting that he was not resisting arrest, the cops insisted that he was.

In the same press event the Patch reported on, Adams said that this "could have been another Eric Garner situation" as Grays reportedly wiped away tears. Though he was arrested, Grays was later released without being charged of any crime. 

Adams has called for an investigation of the officers that were involved in the incident, adding that police should not be able to patrol the streets of Brooklyn without wearing official uniforms. 

A New York City Police Department spokesman has said that the incident is now under review.

Luckily there was video evidence of this arrest to help prove Grays's innocence.

Watch how police departments are looking to video technology to curb future police violence in the future with BET News: 

(Photo: JVS Patch via Youtube)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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