Suspect Comments on His Own Facebook Wanted Ad Posted by Police

(Photo: Linden Police Department)

Suspect Comments on His Own Facebook Wanted Ad Posted by Police

Jesus, take the wheel.

Published March 23, 2016

Roderick Hill of Linden and Mobile is wanted for Attempting to Elude, cosidered armed . Anyone caught helping him will be charged with Hindering Prosecution.

Posted by Linden Police Department on Sunday, March 20, 2016

(Photo: Roderick Hill via Facebook)

(Photo: Linden Police Department via Facebook)

(Photo: Alley Smart via Facebook)

After running away from officers in Linden, Alabama, 31-year-old Roderick Hall was shocked to find his photo on a wanted ad on Facebook. Whereas most people would probably decide to keep a low profile, Hall did something many of us would never do: he commented.

The Linden Police Department posted on Facebook, saying that he was being charged for “Attempting to Elude” and that if they catch anyone “helping him [they] will be charged with Hindering Prosecution.” Basically, he failed to immediately pull over after being signaled for a traffic offense.

Immediately, the post was shared and eventually caught Hall’s eye. Frustrated by the post, he commented, “Wtf?? man y'all doing too much…it's murderers out here and y'all worried bout lil ol me? wow...sad.”

Upon reading his comment, other Facebook users decided to give the wanted man some advice. One user bluntly told him “Lmao u ain't suppose to respond Roderick!” while others seemed to be overwhelmingly amused by the situation.

One commenter did repost an old photo that Roderick had posted of a gun and large stack of money, but Roderick quickly replied saying, “the gun was legal and [the] money was hard earned from work.”

There are no reports yet as to whether or not Hall did himself in, but you have to at least respect the bold move he made. Hopefully, he took the advice of one commenter and turned off his location. 

(Photo: Linden Police Department)

Written by Rachel Herron


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