Oh, Lord: White Model Claims She Healed Deaf African Baby by Praying

Oh, Lord: White Model Claims She Healed Deaf African Baby by Praying

This model has a pretty serious God complex.

Published March 24, 2016

Rebeccas Ronald, an Australian model who has been spending time doing missionary work in Uganda, apparently has the full power of the Lord in her fingertips. Ronald claims that she "healed" a deaf African child by praying twice and putting her fingers in the girl's ear. She is calling it an Easter "miracle." 

The model, who has been featured in campaigns for Lorna Jane and Billabong, was working with children in Uganda when she performed her so-called miracle. The Miss Universe Australia finalist took to Instagram to share her highly improbable story:

"As Riley and I were preaching, she stood out to me & I had such a compassion for her. Afterwards while we were praying for each individual, I asked her to come aside & as I went to speak, her friend intervened to say that she was deaf. I had just finished preaching on what God had been teaching me about; the power of Faith...and knowing my God can do all things, I said to her, 'you are about to hear for the first time,'" she wrote. "I prayed once - nothing happened, then I felt the Holy Spirit say, put your fingers in her ear and command them to open. Sounds easy, but in the moment it can be the hardest thing because is requires the very thing I taught on, Faith with power which opposes human reasoning - so I did and when I finished praying, her face lit up and overjoyed she said 'I can HEAR for the first time!!!!'"

She added, "While westerners think they are the blessed ones not living in poverty, I disagree because these easterners get it, and I believe that is why I have never witnessed the power of God like I have here." 

Imagine that.

(Photo: Rebecca Ronald via Instagram)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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