[Video] Swipe Left: These Women Drugged Their Dates to Steal Their Watches

(Photo: Hollywood Police Department)

[Video] Swipe Left: These Women Drugged Their Dates to Steal Their Watches

And you thought your last date was bad.

Published March 24, 2016

Dating is hard enough without having to worry about getting robbed after a couple of drinks. 

Two women from — where else? — Florida have been caught slipping drugs to their dates and then stealing the men's luxury watches when they were not of clear mind. Alexandria Nicholas, 22 (pictured above on the left) and Kelsey Hough, 23 (right), were spotted on camera committing the crimes back in January, and are believed to have stolen bling worth a total of $60,000. Nicholas has since been arrested, while Hough remains at large. Take a close look, fellas, and if you run into her on a dating app, swipe left immediately.

The Sun-Sentinal reported that Nicholas and Hough met the two victims, both men in their 50s, at a bar in Sunny Isles Beach. The foursome later returned to one of the men's homes where the men told authorities they were drugged. One of the men poured drinks into shot glasses before leaving to get a bottle of champagne. Hough brought him his glass when he returned, and shortly after, he and his fellow victim fell asleep. 

When the two woke up at around 5:30 the next morning, they reportedly felt “druggy." It wasn't until one of the men checked the time that he noticed his watch was missing. His friend then realized that his own $16,000 Rolex was nowhere to be found, as well.

The two went to the house’s safe and discovered that it had been cleared of several other expensive watches, including another Rolex, a Cartier and a Hublot, worth a combined $60,000. Passports were also gone.

Investigators found the footage of Nicholas and Hough running from the home at around 2 a.m. After police released the images and launched their appeal to find the pair, tipsters named the women, telling investigators that they worked at a local strip club.

Nicholas was found and arrested in Michigan and extradited back to Broward County, where she has been released on bail. Hough, however, is still on the lam, but will face the same grand theft charges as Nicholas when she is apprehended. 

(Photo: Hollywood Police Department)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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