[Trending] Black Man Goes on Twitter Rant Exposing Racial Bias in Silicon Valley

(Photo: Matt Joesph via Twitter)

[Trending] Black Man Goes on Twitter Rant Exposing Racial Bias in Silicon Valley

He’s fed up with his skills being overlooked because of his race.

Published March 25, 2016

Silicon Valley is the booming center of the tech industry. It has the ability to make an innovative techie a millionaire over night. However, Matt Joseph, a Black startup founder, is tired of the constant challenges he faces because of his race.

Joseph founded an app called Locent, which sends automated text messages on a schedule. That sounds amazing! Now there is a way to send a flirty Valentine’s Day message to all your Tinder hopefuls.

However, Joseph has found that finding investors for his company has proven to be more difficult for him, despite his undergrad degree from Princeton and his JD/MBA from UCLA.

After an angel investor told him that he didn’t possess “elite business experience,” Joseph took to Twitter and unleashed an intelligent rant of epic proportions.

Apparently, his rant has opened up more conversations surrounding race in the tech space.

Hopefully, Joseph gets the praise and opportunities he deserves from here on out. 

(Photo: Matt Joesph via Twitter)

Written by Rachel Herron


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