[Watch] Cops Investigating MMA Fighter Caught on Video Beating Up a Teen

(Photo: Kevin D Wise via Facebook)

[Watch] Cops Investigating MMA Fighter Caught on Video Beating Up a Teen

He really should've picked on somebody his own size.

Published March 26, 2016

A Mixed Martial Arts fighter named Tony Cojocaru is being investigated in New Jersey following the release of a video in which he allegedly punches, slaps, and kicks a young boy. The brutal video has gone viral and has more than two million views this week, exposing Cojocaru as an abusive monster.

Watch the disturbing video here:

(Photo: Kevin D Wise via Facebook)

In the footage, Cojocaru can be heard telling the terrified young man, "Shut the f*** up or I'll kill you." And at another point in the video, he asked the beaten boy, "Are you going to the cops?" At the end of the video, Cojocaru looks in the camera, as if speaking to the person behind the camera, and says, "I told you, any on of you f***ers. If the cops [are] called, you're dead."

While local police are confirming Cojocaru's identity and have yet to officially identified anyone invovled, they have been in contact with both the attacker and the victim. West Deptford Township Police Chief Samuel DiSimone told WPVI, "[The video] took me back. I was very, very shocked to watch what appears to be a juvenile just getting assaulted for no reason at all."

As the video gained popularity, the West Deptford PD released this statement:

"We want to assure the public that this matter is being investigated thoroughly and both parties seen in the video have been identified. We have ensured that the juvenile in the video is safe and is in no danger at this time," the statement said. "Once this investigation is complete, we will release information regarding the outcome of the investigation. We ask that you allow our department and the appropriate agencies to handle this matter so it can come to the proper resolution We ask that you refrain from posting any threats towards any parties via social media or otherwise. We thank everyone for your concern in this matter."

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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