[Watch] Remix! Teacher Changes Words of ‘Formation’ to Teach Geometry

(Photo: Ciera Cece Paul via Facebook)

[Watch] Remix! Teacher Changes Words of ‘Formation’ to Teach Geometry

I bring home As in my bag. Swag.

Published March 25, 2016

Let’s be real, nobody likes geometry. OK, well, maybe some people. But it’s not an easy subject. And nobody likes memorizing all of the rules when it comes to it.

Well, luckily for these 7th graders, their awesome teacher changed the words of the Beyoncé hit "Formation" to teach them math.

Ciera Paul, a teacher at a middle school in Louisiana, knew the best way to get her students to remember how to find the area of certain shapes was to teach it in song.

She said that her students love to make beats and dance, so she decided to teach them geometry with a song. And she is proud to announce, “they can find the circumference and area of any circle.”

She originally posted the video on her Facebook page to brag about how amazing her students are. There’s no doubt that the responses were overwhelmingly positive. 

This song should really be taught in all schools. She even threw in a little bit of the Milly Rock and the Dab. Oh, and there’s a verse in Spanish.

Get it, girl! 

(Photo: Ciera Cece Paul via Facebook)

Written by Rachel Herron


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