[Watch] Whoopi Goldberg Tells Ben Carson How She Really Feels About His Trump Endorsement

THE VIEW - Guests include Dr. Ben Carson and Nick Denton, Founder and Publisher, Gawker Media on today's episode of "THE VIEW," 3/24/16 .   "The View" airs 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon, ET on the ABC Television Network.  
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[Watch] Whoopi Goldberg Tells Ben Carson How She Really Feels About His Trump Endorsement

Tongue-lashing with a view.

Published March 25, 2016

Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson was taken to the proverbial woodshed by Whoopi Goldberg on The View Thursday. Dr. Carson made an appearance to talk about his controversial decision to endorse Donald Trump for president and things got heated.

The Goldberg interrogation was reminiscent of the one the actress gave Danny Glover at knife point in The Color Purple. It was a tense and frank discussion on the issue of his support of Trump — Goldberg would question Carson as to why he would support a candidate who has regularly made sexist and racist remarks. Dr. Carson would begin his answer by saying there is no such thing as a “perfect person.”

The retired neurosurgeon would go on to say that Donald Trump led the charge to allow Jews and Blacks into the Palm Beach Golf Clubs. At that moment, Dr. Carson was cut off by lawyer and co-host Sunny Hostin, who reminded Dr. Carson that Mr. Trump was sued by the Department of Justice in the 1970s for not allowing Blacks into his properties.

Carson would continue to defend the style and policies of Donald Trump. The former Republican presidential candidate stated that Trump was not “beholden’ to the political machine in Washington, D.C.

Goldberg would immediately cut Carson off, saying: “You can say that until the cows come home sir... I'm sorry he's a racist and he's not good for the country.

The View co-hosts would also go on to remind Dr. Carson of his noted integrity by saying: “You're Ben Carson, you're so much better than this.” 

It was a rough interview for Dr. Carson, to say the least. The only thing missing was a distraught Oprah Winfrey reminding Goldberg that Carson was not worth it and not to trade places with what she's been through.

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Written by Reggie Wade


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