These Teens Are Shutting It Down With Epic 'Promposals'

(Photo: @Global_Greg via Twitter)

These Teens Are Shutting It Down With Epic 'Promposals'

Y'all better step your game up!

Published March 25, 2016

It doesn’t matter where you grow up, prom season is definitely the most exciting time of year for a teenager.

Who doesn’t love getting dressed up, riding in a limo and dancing with your friends until the DJ turns the lights on? But before all of that happens, you have to get asked to prom, and these fine young brothers and sisters are showing us how it’s done.

It’s way more than just asking someone in a hallway or slipping a note in class. Nah, these kids are using extreme spectacle to ask out their sweeties.

Take one man who played Beyoncé’s "1+1," used a dropdown sign reading “PROM?” and emerged from a box with flowers while his boo walked down a red runway. Honestly, you had us at Beyoncé.

Or check out the lunch-stopping promposals that use delicious treats and gifts. Those girls are lucky.   

Not all of the big moments have to be so big. Sometimes a nice, simple, surprise from bae will do, like one beautiful couple below that shared a nice moment outside of school.

All of these are way too cute to handle. I only hope that when they pop the big question one day, they can take it to a whole new level. 

(Photo: @Global_Greg via Twitter)

Written by Rachel Herron


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