[Goals] College Student Fulfills Childhood Promise to His Grandparents

(Photo: KHOU/CBS News)

[Goals] College Student Fulfills Childhood Promise to His Grandparents

He lived off of microwave pizza to make this happen!

Published March 26, 2016

We all make a lot of promises when we are growing up, especially when we think its what our family members want to hear.

For full-time college student Stefun Darts, it was very important that he actually followed through with a very specific promise he made to his grandparents in the second grade: pay off their mortgage and help them retire.

Years later, Darts saved enough money to present his grandparents, Marilyn and Cecil Roberts, with a check for the sum of $15,000, proving his promise was one he was determined to keep even if they had forgotten he made it in the first place.

The tearful moment was captured on video, accompanied by a post that Darts shared where he exclaimed his gratitude for all that his grandparents have done for him.

As reported, the Roberts have been paying their mortgage every month for more than two decades, and would have taken another four years to pay off their house in full - if their grandson didn’t step in with this incredibly kind gesture.

Darts shared that he would sacrifice everything for his family, saying, “Even with this, I could never repay you for what you’ve done for me.” He also shared that he sacrificed going out with his friends in order to save the money, as well as lived off of microwave pizza while at school.

In addition to his generosity and dedication to his family, Darts also serves as the president of the Caring Heart Youth Foundation, which runs a mentor program for youth and young adults. 

“I don’t do this for accolades,” he shared in an interview with his local news station, KHOU. “To see tears of joy, to experience that in a lifetime, it’s like, how many people can say that?”

(Photo: KHOU/CBS News)

Written by KC Orcutt


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