[Watch] NYPD's Degrading Treatment of a Black Man Reaches a Whole New Low

[Watch] NYPD's Degrading Treatment of a Black Man Reaches a Whole New Low

People are rightfully losing their ish over this video.

Published March 27, 2016

In a disturbing video posted on Thursday, several NYPD officers can be seen zipping a Black man into a body bag. The particularly disturbing part? The man was still alive. In the video, uncomfortably reminiscent of the NYPD's treatment of Eric Garner, cops are also seen duct taping the man:

NYPD officers drop the bag it on the side of the street and are heard urging people not to be alarmed, saying that it is their normal bag for "disturbed individuals," to keep them from hurting themselves or police officers involved in the arrest.

After the video went viral and sparked outrage, a spokeswoman from the department told the New York Post“The bag is ventilated and they can breathe.” 

But those taking the video still saw something very wrong with the picture. People standing by can be heard saying, “This is the craziest s*** I’ve ever seen done to somebody in my whole f***ing life. Holy s***. What do you call that thing?" The person who took the video later added, "“I don’t have a problem with law enforcement, and I very much support the NYPD on the whole, but I do have a problem with inhumane tactics, and from what I could tell, this man was being treated like an animal . . . not a human being.” 

Police overreach is an outrage across the country, thanks to videos like this. Watch filmmaker Steven Russell talk about why cops feel like they're above the law in the BET News video, below:

(Photo: Max Power via YouTube)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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