[Watch] What This Teacher Does to a Special Needs Student Breaks Our Heart

(Photo: Tift County Schools)

[Watch] What This Teacher Does to a Special Needs Student Breaks Our Heart

This woman recently won an excellence in teaching award too. #SMDH

Published March 27, 2016

South Georgia teacher Amelia Stripling has resigned from her position after the Tift County Pre-K surveillance cameras caught her knocking down a 4-year-old special needs student in the school hallway. The student's mother Sarah Patterson told WALB-TV that while her son is not hurt, she has obtained a lawyer. 

The video shows Stripling coming up from behind the little boy, who is seen wearing backpack and standing in a doorway, and then forcefully knocks him in the back with her knee, sending him to the floor. She then picks him up and feigns concern:

The incident has been reported to the state division of Family and Child Services.

Local news outlet the Tifton Gazette reported in 2014 that Stripling was awarded with the Excellence in Teaching Award from the school district. But, following the release of this video, Stripling has resigned from teaching and her teacher page has been removed from the school's site. 

She worked for more than 20 years in the school system, but that career has most likely come to an end thanks to the school's surveillance cameras.

(Photo: Tift County Schools)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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