[Watch] Mexico Blasts Donald Trump on Easter

[Watch] Mexico Blasts Donald Trump on Easter

That sure is one way to let someone know IDFWU.

Published March 28, 2016

Mexico's Easter custom of burning their "Judases" in effigy took a political turn on Saturday when Donald Trump was included among the demons and monsters. A 10-foot-tall papier-mache version of the Republican frontrunner was easy to spot with his eyes wide open, mouth agape, a painted on blue suit and his iconic golden hair. 

"For Latinos here and in the U.S., he's a danger, a real threat," said Leonardo Linares, the 52-year-old artist who constructed the Trump effigy. "He's a good man to burn as Judas."

The Judas-burning is a symbolic effort to destroy the evil in people's lives. "Mostly it's devils and monsters," said 27-year-old Ricardo Sanchez. "One year we burned Osama bin Laden."

As reported by the Washington Post, Mexicans take pleasure in skewering Trump, who, throughout his presidential campaign, has promised to deport millions of Mexican immigrants, build a wall on America's southern border and make Mexico pay for it. While some are working out their anger by burning effigies and making jokes, Mexico's former presidents Vincente Fox and Felipe Calderón have warned that Trump's xenophobic rhetoric is damaging the relationship between the two neighboring countries.

Linares told the Post, "Latinos have contributed a lot to the United States. Trump's a buffoon. With him as president, the U.S. will lose a lot of credibility in the world."

The Trump statue reportedly burned slowly, and as the fire crept up his papier-mache body the crowd chanted, "Death! Death!" And when his head finally exploded, the group erupted in thunderous cheers. 

As his claim of the Republican nomination continues to seem more and more inevitable, panic is setting in. Catch up on T.I. voicing his thought on Trump's candidacy with BET Breaks:

(Photo: Henry Romero/Reuters)

Written by Evelyn Diaz


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